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We are situated in beautiful Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. Would you like to surround yourself with talented and goal-oriented professionals?

Be a part of an award winning team that delivers the highest level of service to our guests, and shares a commitment to the environment.

Challenge yourself with new opportunities to learn and grow at Breze Salon and Day Spa. We offer a group benefits plan, team bonus pool, and continuing education.

Our facilities will offer eight treatment rooms and six hair chairs; designed to fit the needs of estheticians, hair technicians and massage therapists.

If you have what it takes, we would love to meet you. What are you waiting for?

We are currently accepting resumes for all positions.

Please ask for the manager or owner when dropping off resumes to #10-3200 North Island Highway Nanaimo, British Columbia. E-mailed resumes will NOT be excepted.
Jess .
Senior Stylist
I have been creating and designing as a hair stylist since I graduated from my hairdressing program at Vancouver Island University in 2007. Breze has been my second home for five years now! It's a pretty amazing feeling to love coming to work every day and to be privileged enough to work with such talented and passionate men and women! They are all an inspiration to me and I am always constantly learning from them. 

Working with Aveda has been such a wonderful experience. Aveda’s connection of beauty, environment, and well-being has lead me down a path I am so grateful for. The education I have received and continue to invest in from Aveda’s talented educators has opened up my eyes to so much more creativity than I could imagine. From new men's barbering techniques, to up and coming trends for women's styles, and vibrant and bold color creations- my education never stops and it keeps my creative juices flowing and my passion for the industry strong.

Working at Breze is not just about hair, it’s also about the people and my connections with each and every person in my chair. My days at the salon are a mix of re-connecting with long-time guests/friends and meeting and creating new relationships with new guests visiting Breze for the very first time. I love knowing that I get to help people find the very best versions of themselves, and this makes them feel beautiful. Nothing tops that!

In addition to working as a professional stylist, I am also a lover of yoga, running, exploring this magnificent island of ours, wine, my family and friends, and traveling (I've got the bug).          
"Today isn't just another day, today I'll create something beautiful"

Shelley .
Master Stylist
I grew up in the lower mainland and during my teens my parents decided to move us to Alberta; this is where I attended hairdressing school. After three years we moved back to BC, where my hair career took off. I worked in Richmond in the 80’s which was so much fun. I was also fortunate enough to compete in two hair competitions. In styling I received Novice 2nd and in cutting Novice 1st.  I have had many years of continuing hair education and recently finished The BC Provincial Instructors Diploma Program. My inspiration comes from magazines and TV, I also love to follow Tabatha Coffee (Australia) and Trevor Sorbie (London) on Twitter. Okay let’s face it ... my favorite product changes monthly, so this month it is the Dry Remedy Oil and Smooth Infusion Glossing Straighter. The combination of the two make your hair shiny and silky smooth with or without curls. The best part of my job is making my guest look and feel beautiful...when their hair looks fantastic and they love it, I feel great and that is the best feeling. Being part of such a great team is another great part of my job we are one big family supporting and encouraging one another at work and life. Something Random about my personal life, while on a holiday in Hawaii I got the best possible souvenir ever ... I met my husband :)                   
Jennifer .
Senior Stylist on Maternity Leave
I began my career in the beauty industry in 2008 by completing my training in Vancouver. After working on the mainland for several years I moved home to the island and found Aveda. My favorite product is the Pure Abundance Volumizing Tonic, it creates effortless body with an organic aloe base. The best thing about my job is making people feel beautiful. I love being able to take a person’s skin tone and facial structure and create a customized style for them to look and feel their personal best. I get to connect and share laughs all day with people, how much better does it get? Also, as a vegetarian for over 20 years I love that Aveda is a naturally derived product and does absolutely no animal testing. 
Marley .
Senior Stylist
Born in Duncan, I grew up in the country with a great love for animals, nature and a fascination for insects. I really felt amazed to have such beauty around us in the world. I was an artistic child, drawing and painting often. I found that I loved all aspects of colour in nature, clothing, accessories, cosmetics and hair. At 6 years old I began my collection of vintage purses, I appreciated every detail creating something unique. In my later years learned I liked interior design the balance and organization. I also really liked experiencing different foods. Enjoying the tastes smells and textures and still do!  I feel very lucky to have been so immersed in the beauty industry from a very young age, as my mom was a stylist. In 1996 she opened an Aveda Concept Salon. I quickly realized at 10 years old I couldn't wait to leave school to go to our Family Salon. Taking every opportunity in the Salon classes on makeup and product knowledge I began to learn about Aveda.  I loved the smells, the beautiful colours and even more what Aveda seemed to embody. Every day was different, always meeting new people I knew this is where I want to be. I worked as much as I could assisting the stylists washing hair and cleaning. I specialized in up-do's and makeup applications for special events. Aveda has a mission statement that fits with my beliefs and integrity; it allows me to feel great about my work.

When I took the steps to become a Certified Stylist, I relocated to Victoria and went to the Aveda Institute. My destiny really started to take shape. While in school I met the love of my life.  We bought our first home in Nanaimo and I now have the career that I had always wanted.  I feel very happy to be part of the Aveda Team here at Breze. It is said that in life if you do what you love most, it never feels like work. That was my greatest hope. I am very excited for each day and the opportunity to grow and learn and continue to be committed to my best work.

Favorite products:

New Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil
Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener for sleek shine!
Pure Abundance Style Prep for weightless body!
Phomollient for Blow outs!!
Air Control Hair Spray for texture and light hold
Control Force for strong hold!
Brilliant Spray On Shine for finish!

Jill .
Senior Stylist
I am originally from Abbotsford B.C but I have always been back and forth between there and Nanaimo after I moved here to go to hair school at Vancouver Island University in 2002. I have worked here at Breze on and off since 2006, I left briefly to have my son Gaige in 2008. My favorite product is the entire Pure Abundance hair line because I love big voluminous hair and the products from that line smell amazing while giving that boost. The best thing about my job is meeting new different people every day and never knowing what is going to happen. In my free time I love being outdoors with my son. Hiking, walking and we are always riding our bikes and going to the BMX track on weekends. 
Jessica M .
Senior Stylist
Hairdressing was always something I wanted to do since I was a little girl and I’ve been a stylist for 9 years so far and still love doing it every day. I started my career in Courtney then moved to Winnipeg when I was introduced to Aveda. I worked at two Aveda concept salons there and then one in Vancouver once I came back to B.C. I recently returned to Vancouver Island and because a part of the team at Breze. My favorite product is the Confixor because it is such a multipurpose product. You can use it by itself or use it to enhance your other favorite products, plus it smells amazing. In my spare time I love to be outside, whether it’s running, walking my dog or spending time with my family in our garden.
Laura .
Senior Stylist
Welcome Guest, my name is Laura Chatwin and I have been in the hair industry for over five years. I am always looking for a challenge and looking for ways to improve my styling skills by taking classes regularly and staying current with the latest styles and trends. I am also welcoming any new guest into my chair for a warm Aveda experience that will make you feel right at home. Some of my passions besides hair; I am an avid runner and take my two dogs with me everywhere I go. Whether it be hiking, swimming or little errands. My home town is Cranbrook but I’ve been on the island almost 5 years and love the life here and all it offers. 
Emma .
Junior Stylist
I grew up in Victoria B.C. where I attended the Aveda Institute.  It didn't take me long to fall in love with everything Aveda was about. 

My favourite part of being a Stylist is how rewarding it is.  There is no better feeling than making someone feel and look beautiful.  I look forward to expanding my skills here at Breze! My favourite product is the Brilliant Damage Control - it's perfect for protecting your hair from any damage, and keeps it healthy and soft!

On my days off I love to be outside - whether it be at the beach or out in the forest, I am happy!
Tina .
Lead Esthetician / Spa A.C.E
At the age of 11, I began working in our family salon, answering phones; sweeping hair, etc…  My Stepfather was an artistic Stylist, Salon owner, & Beauty School Owner/Director. He encouraged my mother to explore Esthetics and she became a pioneer & mentor of European techniques and therapies, in the Pacific Northwest I took my training as part of my High School credits and became licensed in Barber Styling, Cosmetology & Esthetics shortly after my High School graduation. As a successful and talented Barber/ Stylist I enjoyed the creativity and diversity of hair, but ultimately wanted to pamper and nurture more. This led me to focus on Spa & Esthetics as a Spa therapist and Consultant, specializing in Aroma & Thalassotherapies. I grew up in an exciting and ever changing environment that has evolved from a beauty industry focus, to one of wellness…

For over 30 years I have stayed passionate about each client, experience, and opportunity for learning & growth… I do not consider this work, and still become more energized at the end of each day and after sharing with each guest. I am constantly being asked what I love most and can honestly say that I enjoy it all! The ability to share comfort and well-being with every service towards a positive Holistic experience is amazing! As a member of the Breze Spa Team, the past 5-1/2 years has also given me the opportunity to evolve into my role as Lead Esthetician, & as a Spa Aveda Certified Educator within the Aveda/Collega Education network. I whole-heartedly believe in the Aveda experience and company as it embraces and supports the ethics, and high standards of excellence in which I live my life, while contributing to the health and well-being of humanity.

Karla .
Esthetician on Maternity Leave
Originally from Prince George I lived in Kelowna for a few years when I did my esthetics training at Marvel College. I’ve been an esthetician for 8 years and have been here at Breze for five of those. 

My favorite part of this job is socializing and making people feel good at the same time. A few of my favorite products are all things Damage Remedy because it makes my hair soft, shiny and healthy. Also the entire Stress Fix line because it smells delicious. 

My life revolves around my Boston Terrier/Chihuahua cross Maverick but I also love hot yoga and going for walks.
Ruth .
I've been an esthetician for coming up on 2 years now. It's something I've always been passionate about since I was a little girl. I've always been the one painting everyone's nails and doing everyone's makeup, starting in kindergarten when we were just tiny, to now at my friend’s weddings.  Esthetics to me is much more than a job, I get to have fun make people look and feel good and chat with them all day. 

I love the smooth infusion line in my hair, I use it every day. Also our tinted moisturizer, it has great coverage and moisturizes at the same time, while not clogging your pores.  I was born in the prairies but 

I've been living in Nanaimo for about 11 years now and love it. Nanaimo is beautiful in the spring for all the trails and places to go for runs, walks, and hikes, but I love nothing more than all of the places to relax at the beaches here!

Erika .
I graduated from my esthetics course in 2012 in Nanaimo B.C. I first wanted to become an esthetician because I am a people person and wanted to be in a career where I would be meeting and interacting with others daily. Then the fact that I got to pamper them and leave them feeling restored is what made me passionate about what I do. When people come in and are lost on what to do for skin care, its always satisfying being able to help them find the products to meet their needs.  My favorite way to pamper my guests would be from head to toe with facials and pedicures. 

When I’m not at Breze you’ll find me trying to master anything off Pinterest, shopping for the newest home trends or trying a new recipes. Hmm… now I see why my friends call me Martha Stewart.   

Jolaine .
I was born and raised here in Nanaimo and the only other place I have ever lived was in Roanoke, Virginia for a brief period. Soon after I graduated from high school I attended the esthetics program at Vancouver Island University and I loved it! I’ve always wanted to work at Breze and I am excited to be a part of the team. 

My favorite product is the All Sensitive Moisturizer because my skin is dry and sensitive and I love how it balances it. I also love the Dry Remedy line because it leaves dry damaged hair soft and silky. 

A random fact about me is that I am somewhat of a tomboy. I like going 4x4ing, shooting and I love video games! My only tattoo right now is from a video game.

Kayley .
Originally from Powell River I grew up in my two aunt’s hair studio, so ever since I was young I have been immersed in this industry. I chose esthetics to compliment the side that I am passionate about. I love the immediate results I can provide for my guests to make them look and feel their best. 

My favorite products are the Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid because of the beautiful glow and smoothness it gives the skin. Also the Brilliant Damage Control spray because it makes hair soft and shiny and smells amazing! 

Since moving here to be with family I’ve been enjoying quality time with them and experiencing Nanaimo first hand. Something not a lot of people know about me is that I am half Maltese because of my light hair and eyes and traditional Maltese people have dark hair, eyes and olive skin tone. But I just take after my Canadian father.

Lindsay .
I was born and raised on Vancouver Island; I am proud to say that I am an Island girl.

I am new to the Esthetics Industry and absolutely love it!  Previously I had taken a makeup artistry program and also worked in the cosmetics for two years.  Once I started the Esthetics program I knew this was the industry for me.
It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to make someone look and feel their best when they come to Breze.

My favorite Aveda product is the Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil.  I love the how it restores moisture back into your hair and the smell is also amazing.

On my down time I enjoy scrap-booking, photography and cuddling up to my two cats.  I also love watching movies and cooking delicious meals.
Siobhan .
I moved to Nanaimo about 6 years ago from the mainland and just love it! Between all the lakes and all the trees, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

I have almost always worked in customer service and there is something truly gratifying about making people feel good. Now that I am an esthetician I get to make people feel good, feel pretty and feel happy in their own skin and body every day I come to work.

I feel so fortunate to work in a place like Breze with products like the entire Rosemary Mint line which is my favorite and smells so amazing. It is such a wonderful environment to be in and I get to support guests to feel their best every day. Each service can make a big impact from shaping a pair of brows to a long massage when you’re feeling stressed. It is a special treat to contribute to others quality of life!

Jessica C .
I grew up in Powell River, where I discovered my love for pampering people and making them feel great.  I have always loved giving my friends and family massages, manicures and pedicures.  I knew I wanted to move to Victoria after my high school graduation, and that is where I found the Aveda Academy. I then fell in love with the product, as well as Aveda's Mission. After completing my program I decided to move to Nanaimo to be closer to my family. 

My favourite product is the Tourmaline Exfoliating Cleanser - I love the feel of the product.  It has Jajoba beads that work great as a scrub for your face.

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I have played volleyball since a young age and I play in two or three different beach leagues every summer!
Terrin .
I started my esthetics career 11 years ago in Victoria where I attended the Aveda Institute.  After graduation I started working at a high-end hotel Spa in Victoria.  I was there for 8 years, and in that time honed my skills and passion for Aveda.  

In 2012 I left Victoria to travel and experience working in a resort spa setting.  This resulted in both personal and professional growth. It has been a fantastic journey to get to this point and I am very excited to join the team at Breze and contribute my experience.  

My favourite Aveda products are the Enbrightenment cleanser and cream.  It keeps the skin youthful and hydrated while helping to eliminate spent skin cells and discolouration.  

As for outside of work, I enjoy spending my time outdoors gardening. 
Ashley .
Bodywork & Reflexology
Along with a few other lovely ladies here at Breze, I was born and raised in the quirky little town of Powell River. I have always had a deep connection to the plant world, but I had no idea it would bloom into this spiritual journey I get to call my career.

I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy as a Spa Therapist in 2013, and was blessed enough to spend my first term amongst the RMT students, learning extensively about the human body. What crazy, intricate homes we have!

I now have the pleasure of being a Registered Aromatherapist, and a Bodyworker. I am endlessly passionate about Body-Mind-Spirit healing, and will continue to learn and explore this for the rest of my life. My short term goals are to complete level two of my Reiki training, continue my schooling and become a Master Herbalist, and continue to delve deeper into the intricate world of Ayurveda.

I love the essential oil blend in the Stress-fix products, which oddly enough were already a few of my favourites, all with intense healing capacities.

Fun fact: When nobody is home, I love to blast music and vigorously hula hoop dance in my kitchen!
Amanda .
Assistant Manager
I was born and raised here in Nanaimo so I am a true Islander through and through. Breze was my first experience working in the Beauty industry but now I am hooked! I love seeing people transformed whether it be hair, make up or a spa service pick me up. One of the things that I love most about Aveda is how much work it does with other countries and all around the world. I love traveling and would love to go somewhere new every year so I love when Aveda has launches involving places like Nepal. 

I’d have a hard time choosing just one product as my favorite. I love the Pure Abundance Style Prep for voluminous hair and I can’t get enough of our Hand Relief. Also the Tourmaline Charged Skin Refiner blows my mind with how soft and smooth it makes my face. 

Josie .
Guest Services
Breze Salon and Day Spa is such a beautiful place to work, as my first position working in the beauty industry, it has quickly become a place I enjoy. Being a part of our guest services team is important to me, helping our guests feel welcome and comfortable is very rewarding!  

My favorite Aveda products are the Botanical Kinetics skincare line; the crème cleanser and hydrating lotion are gentle on your skin and smell amazing. Also, the Color Conserve line for hair because it keeps my hair color bright and shiny, and the leave-in treatments do wonders on your tangles.

As for me, I’m in my twenties still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. In my spare time, I love to be in the sunshine, sipping coffee, gardening or cooking for someone special. A few things I can’t live without are puppies, sunflowers, and my beautiful old Honda! 
Kathy .
Guest Services
I was born and raised in Alberta, with most of my time spent in Calgary.  I enjoyed a 27 year career with the airlines and was fortunate enough to be able to travel the world.

I moved to Nanaimo this past summer and I think maybe this is "paradise."  I am not quite ready to fully retire, so I am keeping busy with friends and now working part time here at Breze Salon and Day Spa. 

I love the wellness industry, and I love that Breze uses Aveda products, which do no animal testing and are naturally derived! 
Carisa .
Guest Services
Coming Soon! :)
Amber .
Guest Services
Coming Soon ! :)